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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Preparations started for Girnar Parikrama

To know what it Girnar Parikrama, pl refer :
Preparations have been started at big scale for parikrama this year. It used to have much of tourists attraction and thus traffic, so authorities need to be prepared to serve all at their best. This year it is going to be held during 9-15 November.
The collector had called a meeting to prepare action plan for the parikrama, which aimed to facilities and security as well. The basic facility includes logistics, electricity, water & health. Also, they aimed on regularisation of auto-fare, traffic & about maintaining law & order. Like every year, it was also decided to keep watch on pressure point for the comfort of visitors. Notabely this year, tobacco & plastic pouches of water are totally banned.
Some 7 km (1/5 of the total route) of the parikrama route is more or less damaged due to heavy rains in late monsoon this year. That is also to be repaired by 5th as per decided.
Yesterday, on 13th October 2008, school-students helped authorities to collect plastic waste along the route during a cleanup. They collected more than 1000 kgs of plastic waste leaving the trek better than before. Same excercise used to be held before & after Parikrama every year.
So, Junagadh is getting prepared for one of its exclusive (& big!) celebrations, which is going to increase the population of city (0.5 million) to three-fold, of course for a week of 9-15 November!


- With love from Ankit , Mitesh and many more Junagadh lovers!