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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Sakkar-baug Zoo

The sakkarbaug zoo is ranked 4th all over india. It is one of the zoos throughout India where the ASIATIC LIONS are bred purely, means that pure gene pool of asiatic lions is maintained, Whereas other zoos of the world produces lions with a mix gene pool of african and asian lions.

Apart from LIONS, many more animals are found in the zoo. Tigers, Leopards, Bears, Jungle cats are the mammals found. Reptiles include crocodile, venoumous and nonvenomous snakes, indian monitor lizard etc.

A vide variety of birds are also preserved. 3 species of vultures also found and within 4 monts, a breeding centre will b set up in the zoo for vultures.


Dev said...

Cool info. I have visited this place and must say, it is one of its kind.

- With love from Ankit , Mitesh and many more Junagadh lovers!