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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Presenting : Girnar Sanctuary!!

All the Asiatic lion fans & conservationists, its party-time out here...
...'cause yesterday, Gujrat State Forest and Environment Dept. Secy Mr. S. K. Nanda has conveyed that the state govt. is committed for the conservation of Asiatic Lions. As to show the willingness isn't just a tiger (or lion!) of paper, the govt. has declared a package of Rs. 40 crore to develop the declared sanctuary area, a total of 180 sq km of Girnar Forest range as Girnar Sanctuary!
Earlier in 2004, govt. has also declared Mitiyala forest range as sanctuary area. Now sum-up with Girnar Sanctuary, the total sanctuary area for lions available will now increase to 1640 sq km!
It's notable here that, in fact earlier, the world-famous Gir forest was spreaded till Junagadh & was attached to Girnar range. With little bad-times in between, the two in question got separated due to human activities. Though, as response to good efforts of conservation in Gir, the number of lions shoot up day by day. Proving all the theories of ecological niche & survival, the lions came out to find suitable habitat themselves. With occasional conflicts to human interests, some of them has been settled very well in Girnar range in last some of the years. The decision of Govt. can thus be called wisely & timely taken for sure, raising hopes to nurture them better with yet another shelter after Gir.
Also, this is great help on issues of transferring (shifting) some of the lions outside Gir (to prevent inter-breeding, area-shortage & frequent conflicts among pride) to potentials like Baradaa hills (Porbandar dist.), Velavadar Sanctuary (Bhavnagar dist.) and others incl. well-disputed Kuno Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.
All in all, would be even greater help if govt. think & act over seriously, to create patches of sanctuaries nearby like this & create corridors for safe movements. After all, its seen here only, that lions & humans can live friendly!

Google Map showing Mount Girnar Range Forest area; On left, Junagadh city

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- With love from Ankit , Mitesh and many more Junagadh lovers!