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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Junagadh Fort - Uparkot

Spectaculor views of The Old Fort of Junagadh, where once upon a time most of the citizens lived in; also, a very protactive hide-out during siege situations with crocodile-inhabitated water channel all along its periferi. Improved time to time by the successors, now a days it serves as a great tourist spot with its fascinating structures like Buddhist Caves, Stepwells, Food & Water reservoirs. It also displays Guns with range of more than 5 kms and whole fort is dotted with the gun-balls all around. In short, worth visiting once...


Sneha said...

Hey, really nice effort should say. gathering information is not only a skill but how to present them in best way is something extra ordinary!!

CONGRATULATIONS for that extra ordinary effort :-)

Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed by Junagadh, as it was very dirty and most people seem not to care about the city's long history. Junagadh could and should be one of India's major tourist attractions. The staff in the museum seemed anti-foreigner to me.

- With love from Ankit , Mitesh and many more Junagadh lovers!